Viper Fang 15B Compact Battery Powered Auto Scrubber – 15″


This 15 inch micro auto floor scrubber by Viper is compact enough to allow you to clean under desks and tables with ease. It is also very affordable. This scrubber comes with two AGM 33 a/h batteries. Unit is 15 inches wide with 2- 3.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks. The heavy-duty squeegee system will save you time and money by only having to make one pass to recover the solution that you laid down and scrubbed your floor with.  Ultimately it is designed for small commercial applications such as kitchens, bathrooms and small retail establishments. Unit is capable of cleaning up to 8,000 Sq Ft per hour.  This machine will fit your needs perfectly, if you are looking for something that is compact, economical, and durable.