Dustbane Hurricane Mini Floor Scrubber 14″


Our most compact auto-scrubber. Scrubs in difficult to reach areas. Enhances cleaning productivity in small spaces. Height-adjustable handle.

Goes Where Bigger Scrubbers Can’t
Compact in size, but it provides the high productivity and long battery life of a larger scrubber. It is perfect for areas where
automatic scrubbers are too large.
New Handle Design
Extremely robust but light, the new handle makes the machine even easier to maneuver thanks to the ergonomic design of the
handles, enhancing any work conditions, and does not strain the operator. The adjustable multi-position handle also allows for
cleaning in difficult to reach areas. The handle even fold for easier storage.
Removable Recovery Tank
The recovery tank can be removed simply without tools, for easy dirty water draining and quick access to internal compartments.