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We have been family owned since 1963. In that time, the company has grown to the point where we can support our customer’s needs at any volume while remaining as flexible and customer oriented as we were when  founded back in 1963.

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Does your floors and carpets have that unsightly white residue from salt or ice melter? Consequently, the first thing your clients see is a dirty haze floor or stained carpet.

Safeblend Neutralizer is a concentrated floor cleaner designed to remove unsightly alkaline films that are tracked in during winter months. It quickly breaks down and lifts the white haze and residue left behind by ice melting compounds such as rock salt, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and other ice melting blends. Above all it restores the original gloss to floors making your business shine again!

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At Imperial Cleaning Equipment, we make it easy to find reliable and reputable commercial cleaning equipment. We are the Preferred Warranty Center for Viper and Clarke.  As Manitoba’s go-to cleaning equipment team, above all we match your cleaning requirements with the perfect machines.

Our reliable, trained and certified team have been supplying and maintaining an extensive range of commercial cleaning equipment for over 56 years, routinely going the extra mile for our customers. Offering on-site training with every equipment delivery, online machinery support and planned servicing options around Winnipeg and around Manitoba.

Importantly we are the right company to help enhance your business, allowing you to succeed while keeping your clients happy, that’s why businesses look to us as a reliable cleaning equipment partner.