Needle Pin Wiper Scraper Mats


High performance, long lasting needle punch wiper/scraper for multi-directional and heavy traffic applications. 100% polypropylene needle punch surface bonded to a heavy duty vinyl back. Needle Pin has a hard, 25 oz. per sq. yard latex coated surface which resists crushing and allows the mat to retain its appearance longer than other comparable products in its category. The irregular surface absorbs moisture and allows dirt particles to accumulate in the crevices. The premium heavy duty vinyl back will not break down and will not allow moisture to penetrate to the floor or carpet. The 100% polypropylene surface is resistant to ice melts, salts, chlorine, petroleum products, caustic soda and will not mold or mildew.

Standard Sizes:

2’x3’, 3’x4’, 3’x5’, 3’x6’, 3’x10’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 4’x10′.

Roll Sizes:

3’x60′, 4’x60′, 6’x60′.

Available Colors:

Pebble, Burgundy, Charcoal, Grey, Forest Green.

Please call for pricing.