Unique surface design permits vigorous scraping action and years of service. The 100% polypropylene daisy surface of Astro-Turf® is extremely abrasive for unbelievable scraping and equally resiliant performance. This product has a premium rubber foam backing which anchors the mat to the floor and resists damage due to low temperatures. The injection molded daisy surface resists crushing, shedding, mildew and fading and scrapes heavy dirt and debris from footwear. Highly recommended for heavy traffic and outside entrances protected by an awning or roof structure, or in between 2 sets of entrance doors (airlocks, foyers, etc.) Mats are available with borders along the width, length or both. Rolls do not have borders. However, we recommend they be placed on either end. Borders should be across the edge which traffic crosses unless the Astro-Turf® is installed in an air-lock using a glue-down installation.

Standard Sizes:

3’x5’, 4’x6’, 6’x8’

Roll Sizes:

3’x25′, 3’x50′

Available Colors: Dark Grey, Black, Brown.

Please call for pricing.