Fang Traction Drive 26″ Floor Scrubber


The Viper Fang 26T automatic floor scrubber keeps the weight of your solution consistently in the center of the machine, between the wheels making it easy to maneuver, even in tight situations. A new anti-foam system prevents foam from reaching the vacuum motor, providing greater reliability and extending vacuum motor life. A variable pad pressure setting allows you to scrub heavily soiled areas with more pressure to clean deep down. The Viper Fang 26T also features an easy-fill tank and curved squeegee system.


  • Variable speed drive allows you to scrub at a speed that is comfortable to you.
  • Forward and reverse drive allows you to easily move this machine, even in tight scrubbing areas.
  • Simple, easy to use controls make it easy for the most novice operator to easily operate this machine.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum squeegee system recovers 99.9% of all water put down.
  • Rotational molded housing, variable pad pressure, and extra set of squeegee blades make this the most convenient & affordable scrubber in its class.


#FANG26TPKGC –  2 – 12V / 185 Ah wet batteries

#FANG26TAGMPKGC – 2 – 12V / 230 Ah AGM batteries