Dustbane Labrador L21 – L24 – L28 Walk Behind Scrubber 21″ or 24″ or 28″


The new Labrador Series is designed to provide total control over the cleanup work. The features have been improved down to the last detail – providing you with ease of use and better productivity. It ensures a maximum productivity, while the battery life of up to 3.5 hours allows you to work continuously without interruptions.

The self-levelling system ensures constant high cleaning performance. The mechanical or electronic system allows for impeccable cleaning by fully adapting the brush pressure with floor unevenness with immediate reactions.
  • Scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly cleaned surface
  • Perfect fit between the floor pad and floor at all times
  • Avoid excessive pad wear
Advanced Noise Control Technology (ANC™)
The Labrador Series has been completely redesigned and now boast Advanced Noise Control Technology. ANC™ is an extremely
advanced technology that combines vacuum motor positioning, isolation, and separated air ow. The result is extreme machine
silence that is ideal for facilities that never close and require silence.
Lower noise levels(down to 54 dB)are available on all models when the ECOSELECT mode is activated on the auto-scrubber.
These are among the lowest noise levels in the marketplace. Extremely low noise where silence is necessary.
Does not disturb in crowded areas – allowing you to perform your cleaning tasks whenever and wherever, even during business hours.
#DB19371-C-AGM   – 21″
#DB19372-C-AGM  – 24″
#DB19373-C-AGM  – 28″