Why Buy Refurbished?

When we receive a used piece of equipment we go through it thoroughly to take it from a used piece of equipment to a refurbished piece of equipment


But what is the difference between a USED machine and a REFURBISHED machine?

Used machines can be worn out with unannounced underlying problems that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix.

Refurbished machines are used machines that undergo a complete inspection by a certified technician, and are refurbished accordingly.


Refurbished machines are the best VALUE for your money.

Our machines are evaluated from the frame up and restored to like-new condition, including an overhaul of the working components, brand new batteries, new squeegees skirts and hoses, among any other items it may need.

Investing in equipment whether it be refurbished or new is costly, which means we only sell equipment we know can be serviced through parts availability, . Buying a refurbished machine allows you to save money, and when you buy through us it also means you’re getting the greatest value, not just a cheap machine that could become a problem to fix in the future.

We offer an ever-changing variety of commercial and industrial equipment for sale and may have something that you are looking for that is not listed, so give us a call 204-586-8147

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