White Swan Napkins



White Swan napkins are made of premium quality with superior wet strength which helps to reduce consumption. 1/8 Fold is compatible when rolling cutlery. Large open dimensions provide more total square inches versus most competitors, which maximizes lap coverage. Border embossing pattern with plain centre provides an upscale linen-like look.

Item Number/Size:

#06700 – 1-Ply Mealmates 18×300’s.

#07900 – 1-Ply 1/8 Fold Dinner 12×250’s.

#07600 – 2-Ply 1/8 Fold Dinner 12×200’s.

JR Dispenser Napkins:

#08100 – 1-Ply – 12×750’s.

#103164 – 1-Ply – 18×500’s.

Please call for pricing.

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12×200’s, 12×250’s, 12×750’s, 18×300’s, 18×500’s