Tork Universal High-Capacity 2-Ply Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore®



Tork Universal High-Capacity Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore® surpasses the look and feel of typical high-capacity tissues so you don’t have to trade capacity for quality. The patented two-part core technology offers a unique combination of capacity, waste reduction, and tissue performance. Delivering 4,000 sheets per dispenser, this high-capacity tissue is perfect for high traffic washrooms.

  • OptiCore® technology reduces waste and cost by ensuring maximum use of each roll.
  • High capacity – 2,000 sheets per roll reduces risk of product runouts and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Ply bonding ensures the tissue won’t separate during use while sheet perforation allows for proper dispensing without tabbing and waste.
  • Green Seal and EcoLogo certified containing 100% recycled fibers and a minimum of 25% post-consumer waste for environmental responsibility and positive image

#160090  Tork Universal High-Capacity 2-Ply Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore®  12 x 2000sh