Citrus Burst Odor Eliminator

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  • Air Fresheners with Ordenone™ are an odor counteractant, NOT a masking product
  • Ordenone™ encapsulates unpleasant odors and neutralizes them
  • Leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance
  • Highly effective on smoke, pet, food and body odors, vomit, urine
  • Use on carpeting, draperies, upholstery, clothing, bedding, fabric, automotive interiors, etc.
  • Freshens new/used cars, RV’s, in hotels/motels, bars/restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, etc.
  • Highly concentrated – a 5 second spray that is as effective as some odor bombs
  • Dry spray produces a fine mist with low ‘fall-out’
  • Leaves vehicles with a pleasant, long lasting fragrance while ridding interiors of musty mildew and other undesirable odors