AirWorks 3.0 Passive Air Care

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Airworks® 3.0 is the newest innovation in passive air care systems. Contains Metazene® brand odor neutralizer. Covers 5000 cubic feet of ambient air. Sleek and compact designed dispenser. Dispenser’s Timestrip® tracks when it is time to change cartridge. Cartridge will not drip, spill, leak. Environmentally friendly, recyclable container. No batteries needed. Refills last up to 60 days.

#HOS-AWPAD – Dispenser.
#HOS-AWPA230-BX – Orchard Spice 6/cs.
#HOS-AWPA229-BX – Fruit Basket 6/cs.
#HOS-AWPA233-BX – Sunburst 6/cs.