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Shineline Seal


SHINELINE SEAL is a thermoplastic seal specifically designed for use with Upper Limits and High Frontier Floor Finishes in Spartan's SHINELINE Image Creating Ultra Hi Speed Program. A high solids thermoplastic formulation, just two coats of SHINELINE SEAL is needed to condition, seal, and protect a floor. A high gloss, wet look appearance is accomplished by building gloss from the first coat of seal to the last coat of finish.Once applied, SHINELINE SEAL becomes a flexible, tough seal, which helps prevent damage and deterioration due to abrasion, scratching, scuffing, and wear. Should the floor finish wear off, SHINELINE SEAL acts as the last line of defense to protect floors.

#SC400404 - (4 X 4 LT).

#SC400405 - (1 X 20 LT).

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