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Embassy® Supreme Perforated & Embossed

Best absorbency and hand drying efficiency.  This results in reduced consumption.  Perf-Embossing produces a softer and more absorbent towel.  Excellent strength eliminates "wet-tabs" and washroom litter.  Superior dispensing strength and performance.   Better performance results in high customer satisfaction.  Cost in use savings: reduced consumption = cost savings.   Fits most standard roll towel dispensers in office buildings.  This is a hygiene choice product which maximizes personal protection from bacteria and germ transfer onto the hands, due to the hand drying effectiveness of the paper towel. This superior product contains 70% recycled fiber (62% post-consumer).

#01140 Embassy® 8” Supreme Roll Towels - 6x550ft.

#101190 Embassy® 10” Supreme Roll Towels - 24x168ft.

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