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CT40 Auto Scrubber

Code#.: CT40

Compact size, 10 gal tank capacity, and ease of use will offer high productivity and performance with very little training. Comes complete with 2-145AH Batteries, 1-24v 12 Amp charger, 1 pad driver or nylon brush. Features include:

• 20” Scrubbing width.
• Self-leveling brush head.
• Spin-on, Spin-off brushes.
• Brush assisted or traction drive.
• Anti-foam system.
• Low noise level of 67 db.
• Long life squeegee.
• 18,000 sq.ft. per hour production.

Item Number/Size:

#CT40B50-P - w/Pad Driver - Assisted Drive.

#CT40B50-B - w/Nylon Brush - Assisted Drive.

#CT40BT50-P - w/Pad Driver - Traction Drive.

#CT40BT50-B - w/Nylon Brush - Traction Drive.

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